The mission of the pediatric critical care colloquium is to create a forum for ongoing discussion of the care of critically ill children, not only as it relates to pediatric critical care physicians, but to engage with other subspecialties that care for critically ill children.

 The venue for such a forum will be in scientific meetings as directed by the Steering Committee of the PCCC.


The first and founding meeting was held in San Diego, California on March 5-7, 1986. It was sponsored by the Foundation for Pediatric and Laser Neurosurgery and organized by Hector E. James M.D., a pediatric neurosurgeon. He was a founding member of the American Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery, which was created as a forum for scientific discussion for the care of children with neurosurgical conditions, and he believed that a similar forum would benefit the pediatric critical care physicians in the development of the subspecialty.

The second colloquium was sponsored by the National Children’s Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and held on April 7-9, 1988. This was to be the development of the pediatric care colloquium as an ongoing series of forums. It was organized by Peter R. Holbrook, Chief of the Division of Critical Care Medicine in that institution. Following that meeting the organizational structure for future meetings was developed. H.E. James M.D. became the Founding Member and P.R. Holbrook M.D. became the Developing Member. For more information on the previous activities see Past Meetings